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Your wedding by the lake at Caro? Unforgettable

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Published in: 05 April 2017 Location: Caro Resort

You just received your engagement ring - and that one of a kind event is about to come to life: your wedding! Romantic or surprising? Trendy or like a fairy tale? When looking for an outdoor wedding venue in Bucharest, Caro experts know some tips&tricks.

Wedding by the lake

Imagine dozens of varieties of birds on Lacul Tei, or in the trees of the Caro domain. A gracious garden with flowers and blooming trees during the day. A fabulous green corner lightening up in the evening. A cocktail spot right by the lake, where you can receive your guests. And a breezy atmosphere right in the middle of Bucharest, near Floreasca.

Aristocratic ballroom

A modern, fully decorated banqueting hall, perfect for 300 guests. A modular dance floor and stage that make your "wedding dance" spectacular. And easy access to a spacious private foyer, with natural light. Discover the beauty and charm of such details for a natural wedding by the lake at Caro.

Urban style, so trendy!

After organizing hundreds of weddings on the Caro domain, no wedding theme is a stranger - and none is impossible to build on. We have contemporary design, industrial chic buildings, a unique and pleasant architecture, for both unconventional and classical weddings. Finally, we have a dedicated event manager and a parking lot with 400 spaces.

“What a memorable stay! As newlyweds, we chose to spend our wedding night at this delightful hotel. Our room was spacious ,so warm and cozy; the balcony offered a beautiful view of the garden, with a Medieval atmosphere, considering the vintage brick. Perfect ambiance to enjoy a drink and feel cheerful. Thank you for your great services, which definitely contributed to our enthusiastic mood." Alina P., Bucharest

Wedding offer 2017

A wedding at Caro is more than a party in a breathtaking view, with candlelights and romantic vibes. It is also a great package of benefits: Executive rooms for bride & groom, special accommodation prices for the guests, menu tasting, 81-euro or 89-euro special menus - and discounts: 15% on Sundays. Plan a visit to find out more!

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