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Picnic in the U.S.A.: Caro Edition

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Date: 06 July 2017 Location: The Hammocks

RSVP at: 0758 111 742.

Happy Independence Day, America! This is the next trend for our "Thursday at Caro" event! If you like to take your life after work up a level, read on how we will celebrate! You'll get impressed.

We will make an American-style picnic, on The Hammocks. Absolute relaxation, a charming green corner, Romanian speaking friends and ... COMFORT FOOD: we have BURGERS, we have HOT DOGS, we have HOT WINGS, we got T-BONE, we got DOUGHNUTS and more. Have you got the appetite?

And let's be clear: If life gives you lemons, make Lynchburg Lemonade! You'll get the taste of it, the recipe is simple: Bourbon, lemonade and triple sec.

Cobb Salad
Waldorf Salad
Large fruit salad, rosemary sauce and lemon

Hot wings
Turkey with berries and vegetable pudding  

Hot dog

Honey and walnuts roasted pumpkin
Mini donuts  

On us: "Lynchburg Lemonade" (Bourbon / lemonade / triple sec)

Price: 54 lei / person

Free welcome cocktails and 25% off your drinks if you join us by confirming online!

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