Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. This Regulation lays down the general rules to be complied with by all visitors to the Caro domain and in particular by drivers using the parking area of the domain, in order to make the most efficient use of existing parking spaces and ensure the smooth flow of road traffic.
Article 2. This parking area is privately owned and subject to the legislation in force in relation to road traffic, i.e. Emergency Ordinance No 195/2002 and the Regulation for the application of Emergency Ordinance No 195/2002, as well as the rules specified below.
Article 3. By requesting the issuing of an access card to the parking area of the Caro domain, the driver of the motor vehicle accepts and is obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of this Regulation.
Article 4. Caro requires each person accessing the parking area to comply with the legal traffic regulations and with the rules of this parking Regulation.
Article 5. For the purposes of this Regulation, parking lots are dedicated spaces, delineated perpendicularly or obliquely to the edge of the roads.
Article 6. Payment of parking in the dedicated spaces provided for in this Regulation is based on the principle of hourly rates, as it is displayed at the entrance to the parking area.

Chapter 2. Obligations of drivers of vehicles accessing the parking

2.1. The vehicle drivers shall fully comply with this Regulation of operation of the parking, as amended or periodically revised.
2.2. Parking of vehicles:
• Each driver will park the vehicle in such a way that he/she occupies only one parking space and does not hinder the occupation of the enclosed parking spaces. In case of non-compliance with the parking delineations, the car will be blocked and the de-blocking will require the payment of a fee in the amount of RON 400 plus the amount of the parking charge.
• Caro reserves the right to delimit certain areas of the parking area where it will apply specific rules exceeding this Regulation.

• Vehicles shall be parked only on the places indicated and marked for this purpose. For a smooth flow of traffic within the parking, please comply with the road signs and markings.
• The drivers of the vehicles will not stop or leave their parked vehicles unsupervised:
1. near access roads, emergency entries and exits, regardless of whether they are pedestrian or vehicle-accessible;
2. or even on a normal parking space, if the occupation of the parking space is done for any purpose other than for the period of time necessary to benefit from the services provided within the Caro domain.
• Parking places reserved for people with disabilities can only be used by motor vehicles which are displaying a card/badge issued by the competent authorities, bearing the internationally representative sign:
• Persons with disabilities holding the specific card/badge have the right to park free of charge on places specially designed and marked. To this end, a badge will be presented, for persons with disabilities, to the Caro representative — at the Info Desk point inside the hotel with a view to validating the access ticket, and implicitly the parking charge. Use of forged cards —badges for the purpose of obtaining the above mentioned advantages will be reported to the police authorities and the driver will be obliged to pay the full parking fee.
2.3. Driving through the parking:
The maximum driving speed in the external parking is 10 km per hour. The maximum permissible length of vehicles shall be 3.5 metres.
2.4. Conduct while the vehicle is stationary in the parking lot:
The drivers of motorised or non-motorised two wheels vehicles have the obligation to park them and ensure them in specially arranged places. Every vehicle driver will keep the parking spot clean, will not drop items from the vehicle on the surface of the parking lot, or store any materials on it.
Parking is not a place equipped for advertising actions and therefore, no person who accesses the parking will be allowed to undertake any advertising activity of any type inside the parking lot.
Vehicle drivers shall not perform vehicle maintenance or repair work while in the parking.
The driver of the vehicle will comply with specific P.S.I. (Fire Prevention) rules, being directly responsible for any damage caused.

2.5. Prohibitions:
The following shall be prohibited:
– leaving the engine of the vehicle running (heating mode), if the driver is not in the car;
– leaving unattended animals, flammable substances or dangerous objects inside the vehicle;
– leaving unattended minors in the parking lot or parked vehicles;
– entering parking for conducting driving courses, associated with the driving schools;
– entering parking with heavy tonnage motorised vehicles (such as, but not limited to: tractors, trucks or other heavy tonnage vehicles), motor vehicles with trailers or exceeding 5,5 m in length and vehicles with visible defects or leakage;
– smoking or throwing cigarettes in the parking lot;
– photography or professional filming in the parking lot, without prior written approval from the administration of the Caro domain;
– the entrance to the parking lot during winter, with snow attached anywhere to the car, which will then leak onto the parking lot;
– parking on places intended for vehicles belonging to disabled persons and marked accordingly by Caro, where the parked vehicle does not display the card/badge for disabled persons in sight according to Article 65 of Law No 448/2006;
– any loud manifestations shall be forbidden;
– use of the parking for dangerous, illegal, immoral activities or for begging shall be forbidden;
– organising in the parking of meetings of a political nature, strikes, public demonstrations, commercial activities or performances;
– long-term parking on the parking spaces shall be forbidden, if the car user is not accommodated in the Caro hotel, and the management of the Caro domain can remove from the parking area, at the driver’s expense, any vehicle that has been stationary for period exceeding 48h.

2.6. Drivers will not enter the parking lot without the ticket issued at the opening of the barrier, considering that exit from the parking lot is allowed only after payment and validation of the ticket. An exception is set only for motorcyclists who enter through Barbu Vacarescu but they must exit using the same gate.
2.7. Possible damage to own motor vehicles and other motor vehicles or installations by drivers, while driving or staying within the perimeter of the

Caro domain parking, shall be borne by the guilty persons, with the exclusion of the liability of the Caro Hotel.
Challenges to the resolution of any complaints concerning damage caused to motor vehicles, theft or other wrongdoing taking place within Caro’s parking area shall be addressed to the Police.
2.8. The Domain Administration reserves the right to deny access to the parking of persons/drivers who do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation.

Chapter 3. Parking hours

3.1. Duration:
The time interval in which access to the parking is allowed is 24/7
An exception to this interval is established for vehicles of over 3,5 tons that are subject to a ban between 10:00 p.m. and 09:00 a.m.
The parking ticket issued by the system at the entrance to the parking lot represents the accreditation of the entry and exit times of a particular vehicle located in the parking lot. The parking ticket will prove the entry and exit of any vehicle that violates the above-mentioned protocol.
3.2. Supervision of compliance with the programme for the operation of the parking and means of recording compliance with entry and exit times, entering and leaving the parking of Caro domain are closely monitored by a parking access control system and by the surveillance cameras with which the Domain’s parking areas are equipped.
Video cameras are intended exclusively for monitoring traffic flows, where video recordings are not available to the public, but only to the competent authorities, under the conditions of the legislation in in force.
3.3. Depending on the occupancy rate of the parking spaces or other exceptional situations, Caro may restrict access to the parking area.

Chapter 4. Payment systems. Subscriptions

4.1. The parking fee is RON 10/hour (VAT included) and cannot be split. Any division of the time slot will be priced taking into account the 1-hour fee. The parking fee for a 24-hour period is 80 lei.
After payment of the fee, the parking right is cancelled, the exit from the parking lot being made within maximum 15 (fifteen) minutes, otherwise another hour of parking will be charged.
4.2. The parking ticket will be paid through the vending machines located at the Hotel entrances – exits, using coins or banknotes, as follows: the coins, or banknotes shall be used directly at the vending machine, inserting as many

coins as needed up to reaching the amount that represents the applicable charge. Payment can also be made using a bank card
4.3. The loss or destruction of the parking ticket entails the payment of a fee of RON 200. Payment of the fee is made either at the hotel reception. Without the visitor paying the RON 200 fee, he will not be able to leave the perimeter of the Parking Area.
4.4. Breaking the barrier arm or deteriorating it through the impact with the vehicle is charged with the value of the repair, plus the amount of the parking fee.
4.5. The Caro Domain makes no indication of the number of parking spaces available or their location.
4.6. By acknowledging the parking fee and access to the parking premises, visitors express their consent to the parking regulations.

Chapter 5. Limited liability

5.1. Caro in no way assumes any civil or criminal liability for any damage to cars, motorised or non-motorised vehicles, for goods left inside them or for the damage caused by their blocking/lifting, due to the fact that they are inadequately parked or abandoned on the Caro property.
5.2. In addition, Caro recommends to every visitor/client not to leave any valuable items inside the vehicle, as Caro does not ensure vehicle safety and therefore cannot be liable for any direct or indirect damage, civil losses, misdemeanors or crimes that take place in the parking lot..
5.3. Caro does not compensate any owner of a vehicle abandoned in its parking if any damage is caused by the lifting of the vehicle by the company carrying out the lifting of the vehicle from the space where it was abandoned.

Chapter 6.Amendments

6.1. This parking regulation may be amended or revised without prior notice or justification from the Caro Domain Administration. The new set of regulations will replace this one and will be implemented from the moment of publication on the notice board and on the website: